Week 4: Project Development

February 4th - February 10th

This week, you will learn more about podcasting in the language classroom, exploring more web-based podcast services, and working on your podcast project.

1. Go to Reading blog.

2. Read the articles, write comments and answer the quiz.

During week 2, you became familiar with Podomatic and Podbean. This week you will explore Audioboo, Vocaroo and Chirbit.

1.1 Audioboo: Who is this?

Audioboo is a mobile and web platform that allows you to upload or record audio. The recording limit is 5 minutes. It is currently a beta version. If you´d like more,  you'd have to sign up for a plus or pro account. Watch the tutorial and learn how to use it.

1.2 Task 
1. Sign up to Audioboo 

2. Record an an excerpt of a poem, quote or something about a famous person. Don´t give away his/her name! Let your colleagues guess who he / she is.

3. Embed this Audioboo in your Podcast page (Blogger).

1.3. Share your Audioboo

a. Go to our Yahoo Group 
b. Click on Links 
c. Click on Week
d. Click on the "Audioboo" folder
e. Click on Add link: In Title, write "My Mystery Person".  In Description, write your name. In URL, paste your Audiboo URL.

1.4. Guess your colleague´s mystery person 
a. Listen to one or two of your colleagues´description in Audiboo. 
b. Write or record your guess in your colleagues' boo.

2.1. Vocaroo: Getting to know the moderators

Even though it looks like just a voice mail, it is more than that. You can not only send an audio to someone to his/her email, you can embed and download this audio.There is no fixed limit on message length. You don´t have to sign up to send a message. It is important to save the Vocaroo URL (Sharing options) somewhere if want to access this recording again. You can also send it to your own email, Twitter account or Facebook. Watch this tutorial:

2.2. Task: 

1. Go to Vocaroo

2. Record a question you would like to ask to one of the moderators. 

3. Send it to their emails (Evelyn Izquierdo: evelyn.izquierdo@gmail.com; Miguel Mendoza: mmendoza97@gmail.com; Miguel Pérez: miguelperez.uc@gmail.com, Yuly Asención: yya2@yahoo.com )

4. Embed this Vocaroo audio in Podcast page (Blogger).

5. Remember to copy your Vocaroo recording URL, before leaving this site.

2.3 Share your Vocaroo.

a. Go to our Yahoo Group 
b. Click on Links 
c. Click on Week 4 
d. Click on the "Vocaroo" folder. 
e. Click on Add link: In Title, write "My question".  In Description, write your name. In URL, paste your Vocaroo URL.

3. Chirtbit. Tongue-twister

Chirbit also allows you to record or upload an audio and it has got some other interesting features like Text to Speech recordings that you may find useful for your class. For your smartphone, you can download its app in Itunes. Watch this tutorial:

3.1 Task 

1. Sign up to Chirbit.

2. Record a tongue twister. 

3. In title, type the tongue twister (as shown in the turorial). 

4. Save it.

5. Embed this Chirbirt in your Podcast page (Blogger).

3.2. Share your Chirbit.
a. Go to our Yahoo Group 
b. Click on Links
c. Click on Week 4 
d. Click on the "Chirbit" folder
e. Click on Add link: In Title, write "My Tobgue Twister".  In Description, write your name. In URL, paste your Chirbit URL.

4. A summary of podcast web-based services

Here´s a summary of the podcast web-based services and free software we have used so far and more. Explore them and consider their teaching/learning potential in class.

In week 2, you created your blog in Blogger and added three pages to this blog. Now you will add information to each one of them. Here´s what each page should have:

Page 1: About me 

Write a brief description about yourself (your work and any other information you would like to share). Embed your glog into this page. Choose a suitable size for your blog either Blog size or Feed size (Avoid Full size)

See how this page should look like in our blog sample

Page 2: My podcasts
Embed all the podcasts you have recorded so far. These are:
1. First Audacity recording uploaded to Podbean (and your glog)
2. Description of a picture recorded in Podomatic.
3. Interview recorded with MP3 Skype Recorder or Call recorder.
4. Description of a mystery person recorded in Audioboo.
5. Question asked to moderators recorded in Vocaroo
6. Tongue twister recorded in Chirbit.

See how this page should look like in our blog sample

Page 3: My Podcast Project

You can describe the project as shown in the picture below (click on the image to enlarge)

You can download this podcast plan here.

See how this page should look like in our blog sample

Watch this tutorial showing how to add content to these three pages.

Optional: This tutorial will show you how to design and add a banner to your blog. To do so, you will need to login to Pixlr. Just click on Open Image Editor and start designing your banner.

Fourth Live Session on WiZiQ

Saturday, Feb 9th, 2013. 11:30 AM (Caracas time) 
(Check your local time zone here) 

Length: 1 hour

Get your own Virtual Classroom

1. read the required articles for Week 4, taken quiz and participated in the forum. 
2. recorded using Audioboo, Vocaroo and Chirbit. 
3. sent Vocaroo audio to moderators. 
4. replied to colleagues´ recordings with Audioboo and Chirbit. 
5. added content to blog. 
6. written detailed description about podcast project. 
7. attended the live session on WizIQ.

Note: You can write questions or comments about this week below.

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